Goldie & McCulloch

Goldie & McCulloch

Canadian based manufacturer, Goldie & McCulloch Ltd, was a producer of steam engines found in Galt, Ontario. Alongside steam engines, the company also manufactured woodworking machinery, industrial saves, French Burr millstones, boilers, turbine water wheels, Mark Mills, and a large variety of tannery machines. Although the company was focused mainly on the Canadian market, they also had a healthy export business to both Mexico and South America.

Initially, the company was founded in Galt, as the Dumfries Foundry, in 1884, by the partners James Andrews and James Crombie. Although records for the number of products manufactured by the company at that time do not exist, it is known that they produced at least safe doors, alongside steam engines.

The company received a significant boost with the outbreak of the Crimean War in 1854, as Great Britain was forced to focus much more on manufacturing equipment for war, forcing Canada to depend more on their own domestic production. This led to an economic boom in Galt, creating a demand for a higher number of factory employees, benefitting both Goldie & McCulloch, as well as many other manufacturers in Canada at that time.


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