Vaping on the Vale of Rheidol railway

Vaping on the Vale of Rheidol railway

The Vale of Rheidol railway is a tourist steam train that runs between Aberystwyth and Devil’s Bridge in mid-Wales. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and the trip between the two places takes around an hour.

Scenic route

The route that the steam train takes runs through some of the most beautiful scenery in mid-Wales and you are sure to catch sight of some of the area’s wildlife, such as the famous red kites. The scenery is a great distraction, particularly if you are a smoker. There is no smoking permitted on the train and as the carriages are enclosed, it is unlikely that you will be able to vape on the train either.

However, you will be able to vape when you are at either one of the stations. If vaping is something that is new to you then choosing Disposable vapes UK might be a good starting point. They can be useful to take with you when you can’t smoke somewhere. Vaping will help to take away the nicotine craving that smokers get when they can’t smoke for a little while. When choosing disposable vapes UK customers will have plenty of choice in flavours and strengths of nicotine.

A great day out

You can choose to start the trip at either Aberystwyth or Devil’s Bridge. Whichever direction you go in you have an hour when you get there before the return train, unless you go early and can take the later train back.

At both ends of the journey there is plenty to see and do. Aberystwyth is filled with great shops, so disposable vapes are a good idea if you’re wandering around the town so that cigarette smoke doesn’t disturb anyone. Devil’s Bridge has outstanding waterfalls and is perfect if you want to do some walking and exploring. The whole family can have a great day out on the Vale of Rheidol railway.